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How To Write Website Content – Best Content Writing Tips for Beginners | Must Read

If you are a digital entrepreneur, you know how important it is to create irresistible content to attract your audience.

But what often happens is that we don’t always know how to write well, and that makes many people give up trying to create good content or even believe that it is necessary to hire someone for this function.

Of course, you can always hire a person to carry out this task or a freelancer who is dedicated to writing content for your business. The big problem is that many digital entrepreneurs who are starting now cannot invest much at first, and hiring someone for that task involves spending, many times, more than planned.

So, if you are an expert in your area, why don’t you try to create your own texts? Ahead! We all know that you have a lot of knowledge about your niche!

Naturally, writing is not the strength of all people, but remember that it is possible to create good content. You just have to get to work and practice!

To help you in this task that, at first, may seem complicated, we offer you here 20 tips that teach you how to optimize your way of writing. Those tips are listed below:

1. Think about who you will write to

It is very common to say that you always need to think about your audience before applying any strategy in your business. At the time of writing it is no different.

You must have heard enough that a buyer person is the representation of your ideal client. So, nothing better than taking it into account when you are creating your content.

This should be done because, when you think about the person you are going to write to, you will be able to adapt not only the content for that audience, but also the language, which will facilitate communication between the public and your brand.

There is no way to write well if you are not clear on who your reader is!

And although it is not yet your client, it is very likely that the people who have access to your content are those who somehow show interest in what you are sharing. That is why the profile of your readers will certainly be in tune with that of your buyer person.

Therefore, take time looking for and mapping that profile so that everything you write is well directed to the buyer persona of your business.

(Still do not know how to map your audience? Find out in our post with the step by step to create your person ).

2. Understand your communication channel

The question seems obvious, but necessary: ​​how is it possible to write well without knowing where your content will be available?

It may be cliche, but defining in advance how your content will be delivered to your audience is essential for your texts to produce the expected impact.

It is possible to write a text that will be available on a blog, sent as rich material or available in an ebook, for example. We even have a post here on the blog that teaches you how to transform a post from your blog into an ebook.

However, you will notice that, although the subject is the same, the way of approaching the subject in each of these communication channels is different.

Imagine writing a text for your blog and putting it in its entirety in a Facebook post!

This would not be very suitable because the blog text is somewhat deeper and longer, while Facebook posts are shorter. Of course, you can make a post about your blog text on your social networks, but it surely won’t have the same text as the original post.

Therefore, to write well, always keep in mind the communication channel in which you will make your content available, to adapt it to the reality and need of each channel.

If you want inspiration to start here I leave you a great tip, that of Javier Pastor in Digital Makers:

3. Define your content

You can have several specialties, but when it comes to writing, clearly define your content.

Although your business addresses a range of topics, you don’t need to talk about all of them at once. Even because if you do, at some point you will run out of subjects to write.

So our third suggestion to help you understand how to write well is: choose a central theme and think of subtopics related to it that can be exploited.

After doing this, select only one of these subtopics and develop it to the fullest, without necessarily bringing up another topic.

In this way, you will have a clear focus on your text, which will address as much of the subject as you have chosen to write about.

4. Write something that is memorable, enjoyable and interesting

There is no use writing a text that is structurally good if it is not memorable, pleasant and interesting, since if people are not interested in reading it, there is no point in creating this type of content.

We are not saying here that to write well you have to create something extraordinary like the authors of your favorite books. Of course, if you have that gift, it will be even easier to follow that track, but if this is not your case, you can think of the following:

  • Memorable : Is the issue that my text addresses something that will make people remember it? That is, is it a topic sought by readers?
  • Pleasant : Do I write in a clear, objective way and that anyone interested in the subject I am dealing with can understand my entire text?
  • Interesting : Does my text only repeat what everyone already knows or am I talking about something new, different and that arouses the reader’s curiosity?

Although your business is on a topic that is in vogue today, it is always possible to write better about what your audience already has access to.

So, do some research on the competition , look at what is happening in your market and try to take a different approach to your niche, always seeking to overcome the gaps left by your competitors.

5. It impacts the reader from the beginning of the text

A good text is one that generates impact from the beginning, and when we say that, we want to focus mainly on the title.

You need to get the reader’s attention as soon as they get close to your text. So a suggestion on how to write well is to have the text answer a question or a doubt from your audience.

Let’s take this same post as an example:

You already saw that, in the title, we impact the reader because we start with a question of a doubt that you yourself may have. By reading the question How to write well and create irresistible content? We have managed to get your attention because you know, from the beginning, that this text will bring answers to this question.

Another way to do this would be to start this text by answering the main question. Suppose you want to learn some techniques to write well. So, another title we could give is 20 tips for you to learn to write well .

In addition, also use the introduction of your text to impact. Make a short introduction, but one that gives the reader a clear idea of ​​what will be covered in the text. You will surely be interested in reading all its content!

6. Structure your text well

All text must be structured before you start writing.

In our third suggestion, we suggest you choose a topic and, within it, choose subtopics that you could talk about. This is already the beginning of structuring your content.

After that, basically, the next steps to achieve to structure your text are:

  • Search on the chosen topic;
  • Choose a keyword;
  • Check if the chosen keyword has a high search (to do this, use tools such as the Google Keyword Planner );
  • Divide the text into introduction, development and conclusion;
  • Create an outline for your text (this is where you will put all the ideas you want to write about, trying to create a hierarchical order according to each theme of the text).

If you create a structure for your text before writing it, you will realize that it will be much easier to develop the themes of the chosen theme from your outline.

7. Divide your text into themes

After having the structure of your text defined, you can now think about the topic you will write about in the topics. This is important mainly when it comes to the texts that will be available on the Internet.

Unlike story books, such as novels and adventures, online linked content should not have very long chapters.

Even if you write on the same topic, it is important to divide it into topics with subtitles that give a general idea of ​​what will be covered in that topic. This is important because many users, before reading the entire text, take a quick look at it by scanning the content (we will talk about it in this post).

Thus, one way to attract the attention of the readers is to show, with the themes throughout the development of your text, what you will address in each part of your content.

8. Divide topics into subtopics

Still thinking about the readability for users, whenever it seems possible and necessary, make subtopics within the topics of your texts.

This can help you highlight topics that you think are highly relevant to your audience and that are within the topic that you are addressing.

Let’s give an example to make it clearer:

Suppose you want to write an ebook about guitars. You want to explain everything in detail about that instrument and also give advice on songs to listen to, where to study the guitar, among various other topics.

You can then divide your ebook as follows:

Title : Complete Guitar Guide

Theme : How is a guitar

Subtopics : 1. Pegs; 2. Mastil; 3. Ropes; 4. Hoop; 5. Frets; 6. Bridge.

Do you notice how it would be easy for the reader of that ebook to find exactly what he is looking for, without necessarily having to read the entire text?

(Be sure to read our post that teaches you how to create an ebook , from planning to execution.)

9. Create lists

Creating a list throughout the text is a great way to get readers’ attention, especially when you’re doing a step-by-step or trying to indicate something that users should follow in that order.

Your lists can be numerical or only punctual (using bullets to mark each element of the list).

The important thing is to know the right time to use them and not to leave out that resource that is very interesting for those who want to create interesting content for their audience.

This because the lists help the reader to better understand the steps that must be carried out and can even make that part of the text remain in the memory of whoever reads it.

10. Exemplify

Our suggestion number 10 of how to write well is: exemplify whenever necessary and possible, especially if your text is very technical.

It is very important, as we have already said, to create clear content that leaves your reader in no doubt. Therefore, if you notice that there is something in your text that needs to be clearer, do not hesitate to exemplify.

You can use your own business examples or create assumptions. Regardless of the type of example you use, you will surely help your audience to understand well the information you want to convey.

11. Be brief

Being short does not mean that you should write little, but that you can and should create short paragraphs and sentences. This rule is even more fundamental when your content is available on the Internet.

Remember what we mentioned in Tip 7 about creating themes so your content is easy for the reader to scan?

The logic here is the same: When you write short paragraphs, you allow the reader to feel that your content is enjoyable and easy to read.

Already the short sentences help the reader to acquire the knowledge that you are transmitting to him in your text. This is because long sentences need more reasoning to be better understood, while short sentences are very direct and objective.

12. Avoid generating doubts

Your text needs to be as clear as possible to avoid objections and doubts of who is reading it.

If you have a defined buyer persona and you know that the language they use is more colloquial, avoid writing in an excessively formal way. This hinders communication and will make people not read your texts.

To know how to write well is also to transmit your knowledge in a simple and objective way.

13. Interact with the reader

We already mentioned the importance of starting your text with a question or, at least, answering a question from your audience. But also, another way to attract and keep the attention of the readers is by interacting with them throughout the text.

Ask questions and answer during the development of your content. If possible, write as if you were talking face-to-face with the reader (but always in appropriate written language).

This is a way of attracting the reader to your text, since it will feel comfortable and part of what you are writing.

14. Create scannable text

Now we come to the part where we announce some tips back there: text scannability.

Having scannable text means writing so that even if the person does not read all of your content, they have an idea of ​​what you are dealing with by taking a quick look at your text.

This is why topics, subtopics, and lists are so important, because they highlight the fundamental parts of content.

The most important thing here is to think about the letter F. Let’s explain it better.

Think of your text as this letter. You can write more at first, after all, the reader is starting to read and can still pay close attention, even if the paragraphs and sentences are larger.

But with the development of reading, some people end up giving up and don’t go all the way. So they may only read the topics and a few key phrases from each topic.

Therefore, from the middle to the end of the text, try to reduce the information a little more, so that the reader who does not get to the end of your content does not lose so much important information.

This is also good for those who read the entire text, because the person may already be tired when finished. So, by putting the main information at the beginning of your text, you help all your readers.

15. Uses connectors

Have you heard of connectors?

Yes, we are entering here a grammatical area of ​​our language.

However, different from what you may think, connectors are not as complex as you learned in school. Even, it is very likely that you use them more than you imagine.

Words like: so, then, therefore, in this way, in conclusion, are called connectors because they connect, worth the redundancy, the ideas in a text.

So if you want to learn to write well, it is essential to know at least the most widely used linking term in Spanish so that the development of your text is fluid and especially so that your paragraphs and sentences are always intertwined.


Kickass Torrents – Best Legal KickAss Alternatives Sites [100% Working]

KickassTorrents (ordinarily abbreviated KAT) was a site that gave a registry to directory files and magnet links to encourage and distributed files sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. It was established in 2008 and by November 2014, KAT turned into the most visited BitTorrent list on the world, The Pirate Bay, as indicated by the site’s Alexa ranking. KAT went disconnected on 20 July 2016 when space was grabbed by the U.S. government. The site’s proxy servers were closed somewhere near its staff simultaneously. 

The website allows users to download copyrighted programming and movie pictures for free, with interest in over a million users for each day. Because of rob content being shared, the site was brought somewhere around the US government.

While the KickassTorrents site referenced that they conform to the DMCA and expelled any kind of copyrighted content when showed, to the staff will lead the site to be brought down. 

At iLounge web don’t run or deal with any of the torrent sites recorded. These links were shared for educational purposes as it were. In December 2016, previous KAT staff individuals revived the KAT people group by making a site with its predecessor’s highlights and appearance. 

Uplifting news, the new Kickass Torrents website is back online. The distributed record sharing site turned into the world’s greatest piracy hub point after The Pirate Bay went disconnected.

Presently after long time law implementation shut down the first KAT webpage, a gathering of dedicated website staff members propelled the discussion in order to bring back the KickassTorrent download destinations to its previous brilliance, soon.

What Are KickAss New Domain, Proxies, And Mirrors? group has now moved another torrent website that appears to be similar to the first Kickass site. It has a decent number of torrent files and magnet links for movie pictures torrent, TV appears programming, games, and music torrent. 

The new Kickass Torrent webpage ( is back online with a portion of its unique staff and dedicated uploaders.

Here’s what the KAT cr team said on the site’s launch: In the meanwhile, Australian ISP’s have blocked access to 5 top torrent download sites, including Pirate Bay and Isohunt. 

Following the shutdown of the first KickassTorrent entry prior this year, a few mirror locales came up web-based, professing to be the genuine rebirth. 

A significant number of those KickassTorrent intermediaries and mirrors incorporate pernicious copycats. Such sites endeavor to take clients’ very own data and credit card certifications. 

The group behind the new KickassTorrent guarantees that the privateers are sheltered and secure at its new entryway.

When Will The Original KickAss Torrents website Be Back?

We accept that the first website won’t be back at any point in the future. It’s been many years back that the site was brought somewhere around the US specialists. Since the domain was taken from the first proprietor, the KAT site may return online with another domain name. Who knows, it may as of now have which we don’t know about.

A Brief History Of Kickass Torrents

If in case we look in little past, KickAss rose to progress, removing the position of from The Pirate Bay to turn into the most visited torrent site. Yet, in 2016, the website faced the wrath of US law implementation when its proprietor Artem Vaulin was captured.

From that point forward, various KickAss copycats came every day and went— some of them figured out how to devices used for some time. It’s additionally important that a group of staff members has attempted to resuscitate the webpage’s lost wonder with another site called

Try Some Legal KickAss Alternatives

The BitTorrent ecosystem was seen by numerous individuals from a negative perspective. For the most part due to the abundance of copyrighted content that exists on the system. Yet, we have revealed to you commonly that the convention and the system are not illegal. 

There are numerous downpour sites that can shower lawful deluges upon you. Consequently, you can consider them as lawful options to KickAss Torrents. 

You can read our list of the best sites for lawful torrents and safe downloading. 

Thus, people, those were a portion of the replacement torrent sites for 2020 that one can visit without KAT or KickAss Torrents. In the event that you have something to include, drop your thoughts in the remarks and, continue perusing Fossbytes.

Should I use KickAss Torrents?

In the event that you wish to try some different sites to download torrents, there are numerous other alternative sites. One of them is The Pirate Bay, which is as of now the world’s leading torrent site. 

It will be difficult to become acclimated to another torrent site. So it’s truly up to you whether to use the KickAss Torrents new destinations or not.

A portion of the torrent sites recorded may not be available to you in light because of the fact that your ISP may have blocked them. In such cases, you will require a VPN to get to the site. As it might be illegal in certain countries to get some torrent sites, a VPN is an unquestionable requirement to keep yourself avoided your ISP. These proxy/mirror sites are overseen and run a wide range of admins. Consequently, they may work slightly not quite the same as one another, while they will appear to be identical.

Try Some Legal KickAss Alternatives

The BitTorrent ecosystem is seen by numerous individuals from a negative perspective. Generally as a result of the wealth of copyrighted content that exists on the network. Yet, we have revealed to you commonly that the protocol and the system are not illegal.

There are numerous torrent sites that can shower legal torrent upon you. Consequently, you can consider them as legal options to KickAss Torrents. You can peruse our overview of the best sites for legal torrent and safe downloading. 

Along these lines, people these were a portion of the exchange torrent destinations for 2020 that one can visit without KAT or KickAssTorrents. On the off chance that you have something to include, drop your comments in the remarks and continue read Fossbytes.

Best Working Kickass Proxy Sites for 2020

Some proxy sites still allow users to access the torrent library from Kickass Torrents:

5 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives and Best Kickass Proxy List [2020 New]

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a list of computerized content made up of media and software. With Pirate Bay, you can look, download and contribute your own magnet links and torrent files for P2P file sharing. The Pirate Bay is one of the top torrent destinations in the world.


RARBG is a torrent site that gives torrent documents and magnet links for distributed record sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. RARBG is hindered in 16 countries, for different reasons. RARBG is one amongst other torrent destinations for finding new content.

3. 1337x 

1337x is the third most popular torrent website. In the same way as other torrent destinations 1337x is fundamentally on the “deep web”, since records on the website won’t show up in Google indexed lists. Its own quest work works truly well for finding the specific torrent and documents that you’re searching for.

4. YTS

YTS comes from the creators of Yify Torrents. Its primary intention is downloading HD film movie files. In spite of the fact that the first Yify Torrents has been closed down, there are numerous mirrors running since they still get a lot of traffic.

5. LimeTorrents 

LimeTorrents is the fourth biggest torrent site. Its torrent internet searcher contains more than 10 million active torrents. The site is perceptibly clean and straightforward, yet massive a huge media library.

Final Conclusion On Kickass Torrent


  • It offers the easiest to understand interface and most recent torrent files for download. 
  • Simple to look and browse torrent files and download right away. 
  • LimeTorrents has an exceptionally simple to use interface and looking/perusing is too simple. 
  • IsoHunt is easy to use the site with huge amounts of most recent downpours for download. 
  • It offers a wide cluster of film and game downpours. 
  • You can discover all the most recent and mainstream torrenting records here. 
  • Offer a regular torrenting site interface which is anything but difficult to utilize and explore. 
  • An extremely spotless and easy to use the site with a straightforward looking and perusing alternative. 
  • It offers huge amounts of the most recent content for torrenting.


  • The webpage has a not too bad interface yet it’s extremely not normal for a torrenting site. 
  • Despite the fact that the interface is very basic, it’s not appealing enough to get users’ attention. 
  • An excessive number of explicit advertisements. 
  • The site interface truly dull and look unattractive. 
  • Nothing negative to discuss.
  • The site is blocked in certain regions. 
  • You should get their IsoHunt’s customer so as to begin downloading torrents. 
  • Nothing negative about this site.
  • The interface looks a bit out-dated.
  • Blocked in a large number of countries.
  • It is currently blocked in many countries.


Best Torrent Sites & How Does It Work – Fast & Free

Torrent started over 10 years back in 2001 and the innovation is credited to a programmer– Bram Cohen. The ground-breaking innovation came as a response to the condition of the Internet in those days; it was extraordinarily slow and didn’t facilitate the exchange of bigger files. Torrenting took at any half or so decade to accomplish family status for PC users and aggravation for copyright holders/government offices.

What Is A Torrent?

The word “torrent” may refer to the metadata documents with the files and folders to be downloaded. Torrent files don’t contain the actual content that you are downloading, however, just the information regarding those documents, is an example, of their names and sizes. Torrent serves in as quick and reliable protocols permitting users to download and share huge volumes of information and data.

How to Use Torrent?

Step 1: Download a Torrent Client

The most well-known clients used are uTorrent and BitTorrent, which are free and simple to use. 

These clients encourage the download of torrent files by interfacing with peers and dealing with the transfer/download process.

Step 2: Search for a Torrent to Download

In the wake of downloading a torrent client, the next stage is to search for the file you need to download on the torrent sites (indexers). After finding the file you want, ensure it has numerous genuine seeders and great reviews on the website. This causes you to see whether the file carries a virus that may corrupt it.

Step 3: Download the Torrent File

The torrent files can be downloading either by tapping the download button or the magnet symbol close to it. The magnet button lets you download it without downloading the ‘.torrent’ document.

Step 4: Add the Torrent File to Your Client

Once the torrent file is downloading, the next stage is to open the file in the torrent client. Include the torrent file to the client and select the ideal goal for your download. This will begin the download in the client.

uTorrent permits you to allow or resume the download, also help for add or delete torrent. It shows information about the number of peers you’re associated with, the seeders of the record, and the transfer and download speed. Note that speed may depend upon the quality of your web association.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

There’s constantly been a debate on in the case of torrenting is legal or illegal. 

To know this, it’s important to realize that torrenting is a method of file sharing among clients and the act of torrenting may not be viewed as illegal. 

Or maybe, the legal part of torrenting relies upon the file that is being downloaded. In the event that the file (and the substance in that) isn’t restricted or copyrighted, at that point torrenting it is legal.

Copyright trolls have been known to come after torrent clients for sharing content that has been authorized with rights holders to the work’s maker. Copyright trolls are individuals or groups who take responsibility at the of copyright-holders/makers to sue users who circulate that content without their permission or license. The users could confront suit for copyright encroachment.

How Does Torrenting Work?

Torrenting doesn’t turn on a centralizes server for storing away files. Rather, bits of data from singular enormous files are saved in taking part computers (peers) in a network to encourage the file-sharing process. A P2P correspondence protocol like BitTorrent separates the documents into pieces and moves them from uploaders (seeders) to downloaders (leechers) by means of a torrent client.

A structure of checks and balances depicted below is applied to make the torrenting procedure to some degree secure:

  • A torrent document contains data on which computer is a piece of the file-sharing procedure. It might also give a few subtleties on the file and folders that a user is downloading.
  • The torrent client interfaces with a tracker, which holds the IP locations of the devices in a multitude. The tracker forwards the IP address to all torrent customers to ensure all peers are associated.
  • The torrent clients begin the download. When it gets adequate bits of data, it also starts to upload the file to benefits the different user.

Is Torrent Files Safe to Download?

As a rule, most torrents are generally safe—as long as you are aware of where they’re from. Also, besides entertainers endeavouring to change torrent metadata would successfully corrupt its comparing file, rendering it useless.

Be that as it may, malware-ridden torrent files are amazing across the board, as well, and are regularly connected to copies of TV show episodes. Torrent users likewise need to keep a watch out for executable (.exe) or batch files (.bat) as these are normally connected with contents that introduce malware into computers.

The Best Torrenting Sites that Still Work in 2020

1. The Pirate Bay

  • The most well-known torrent tracker on the world
  • VIP/Trusted users labels let you know which torrent is legal and safe 
  • Year Built Up: 2003 
  • Country of Starting Point: Sweden 
  • Monthly Clients: 106.08 million
  • Global Rank: 209 

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and most well-known torrent sites on the globe. The well-known site has been around for more than 15 years and figured out how to survive some savage fights with the most remarkable controllers, locales and governments on the world, resulting in about numerous ensuing domain name shifts.


  • Huge variety of new and old torrents
  • Top 10 lists for films, shows, music, and numerous different classes 
  • Year built up: 2008 
  • Country of starting point: United States 
  • Monthly clients: 90.36 million 

RARBG is a well-known Bulgarian torrent webpage that has been around for more than 11 years. The site gives a provides rundown of torrent and magnet link and spends significant time in an HQ video release. RARBG has a registry for music, trailers, movie pictures, TV shows, and adult-content among others, and counts more than 90 million month to month guests as indicated by Similar Web.

3. 1337x

  • Excellent selection of movie pictures, TV shows, games, and music 
  • Helpful browsing highlights – Oscar assignments, new scenes, libraries 
  • Year Built Up: 2007 
  • Country of Starting point: United States 
  • Monthly Clients: 95.97 million 

1337x is another conspicuous player in the torrenting business. It has been considered among the most dependable torrent download sources for year a long time notwithstanding a few ISP hinders in a few countries.

4. Torlock

  • Wide array of dynamic anime, digital book, and music torrents
  • Top 100 torrents list to assist you with finding the best content
  • Year built up: 2010 
  • Country of starting point: USA 
  • Monthly Clients: 7.90 million 
  • Global Rank: 5 807

Torlock is a torrent file and web search that has a special focus on movie pictures, TV shows, and series. The site includes an extraordinary database of confirmed torrents on a clean and for all time updated interface.

5. Torrentz2

  • Great options of music torrents
  • Extremely simple to utilize
  • Year set up: 2003
  • Country of starting point: Finland
  • Monthly clients: 41.16 million 
  • Global Rank: 752

The current Torrentz2 site is from EU asylum seekers, which closed voluntarily in 2016 but uses the same domain name No one knows why Toronto 2AU was disconnected, but some believe that it was done to avoid..

Torretz2 is a mainstream meta-web engine for torrents that was launched in 2016 as a resurrection of, which was for all time shut down in 2016.

6. YTS

  • Great decision of great and elusive movie pictures 
  • Easy to peruse content 
  • Year set up: 2010 
  • Country of starting points: New Zealand 
  • Monthly clients: 118.60 million 
  • Global Rank: 182 

In our 2020 determination, YTS beat the rundown as the best torrent site for the most recent, most secure and most prominent content. The site is the replacement of the now-outdated YIFY torrent site, shut somewhere around the Movie Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2015.


  • Amazing assortment of TV appears 
  • Super simple to explore 
  • Year built up: 2005 
  • Country of starting point: USA 
  • Monthly clients: 42.26 million 
  • Global Rank: 897 

Established 14 years prior, EZTV was a TV-downpour conveyance bunch that was disintegrated in 2015 after an antagonistic takeover of the first domain name and brand by EZCLOUD LIMITED.

8. Zooqle

  • Over 3.5 million checked torrents 
  • Good equalization of diversion and software
  • Year set up: 2013
  • Country of starting points: USA 
  • Monthly clients: 14.53 million 
  • Global Rank: 2079

When it comes to looking at the Torrent site, multiple are available. And some of them are verified, and some of them are not verified. Zooqle is a moderately new torrent indexer propelled in 2013 with a monstrous database of movie pictures, TV series, and shows.

9. TorrentDownloads

  • Extensive and efficient torrent library 
  • Unfortunately hindered in numerous countries
  • Year set up: 2007 
  • Country of starting points: UK 
  • Monthly clients: 13.54 million 

Torrent downloads is another torrents indexer that has to endure the trial of time and has been around since 2007. The site has probably the biggest database of the torrent on the net, with more than 16 million torrents documents.

10. LimeTorrents

  • Neat, easy to understand interface 
  • Most torrents originate from greater, better trackers 
  • Year set up: 2009 
  • Country of starting points: USA 
  • Monthly clients: 24.25 million 

LimeTorrents is one of the most visited downpour indexers because of its sizeable database of around 10 million torrents.