5 Best BTDB Alternatives In 2020 | BTDB Search Engine

What Is BTDB ?

BTDB is a highly famous online torrent search engine for transferring files online by making peer-to-peer networks (Nyaa Torrent ) between different users. You can download free videos or movies torrent online which is full of superiority and high-resolution video torrents.

BTDB Torrents Database is a free torrent search engine which has a straight and clean user interface. With the help of search tab, you can search the free BTDB Movies online and have the choice to sort the results by date and importance.

BTDB Proxy List and BTDB Mirror Sites

These BTDB Torrent Sites/ Proxy Lists are the replica of the original website. They have the same rushes, files, and updates as aunique website. The only difference is that they work with a various domain name. Use one of the BTDB Alternatives below for full adventurer access! The proxies below are mechanicallyevaluated every hour.

5 Best BTDB Alternatives in 2020 – Similar Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay –

  • The Pirate Bay is the most popularsite similar to extra torrent offering all types of torrent files/BTDB Mirror Links. 
  • Most frequently, torrent files of recent videoissues are searched for; the pirate bay has a section to show all the current torrent files so that it becomes simpler for the applicants to download.

1337x –

  • 1337x.to is a lesser-known but completelyworking torrent site.
  • It is known for its clean line and how simple it is to access all the files.
  • Hands down, it is the most sophisticated of all the accessible torrent sites.
  • This is also one of the reasons why it is retrieved a lot.


  • Most of the times in those sites, you have to tie between the original sites and popups frequently. 
  • Redirected pages are frightening. Connecting with these sites becomes very annoying.
  • In the case of RARBG, its low qualities create it very user-friendly and elegant.

kickAss Torrents –

  • KAT, for short, is another famous source for KickTat torrents in which thousands of files are kept for applicants to BTDB Download.
  • All newly added torrent files and most transferred files are shown in a section under the search bar for applicants to get these files quicker.
  • One of the famous and popular for downloading every torrent data or file and magnet link mostly for transferring peer-to-peer files through the BitTorrent procedure.


  • μTorrent, or uTorrent (see elocution) is an exclusive adware BitTorrent customer claimed and created by BitTorrent, Inc. 
  • With more than 150 million users it is the most broadly utilized BitTorrent customer outside China. 
  • All around just behind Xunlei. The “μ” (Greek letter “m”) in its name originates from the SI prefix “miniaturized scale “, alluding to the program’s little memory impression

How To Unblock BTDB ?

Unblock BTDB source is one of the top free proxy list suppliers, fed up from using torrent or VPN? 

Here you can search the best solutions to get on any website by offering proxy links that are fastest and free. These BTDB Proxies can still provide the content of BTDB to you!

  • It is sad because if your country or ISP has blocked the BTDB site on your Google then you can’t get it directly.
  • But, there are some methods to get btdb.io even if it’s blocked in your country.
  • These alternatives are introduced in countries where BTDB is not obstructed.
  • If you cannot unblock access to BTDB Site, we suggested you to try Express VPN that can provide you anentire privacy security.
  • You can anonymise every application that is linked to the google, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera web browsers.
  • You can also choose IP addresses situated in various countries.
  • BTDB Unblock Source is about avoiding internet restriction.
  • Unblock Source allows those in the India, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Portugal,Singapore, Greece and Worldwide with suppressed Internet connections to avoid these screens by using our free alternatives.

BTDB Search

This is the easiestmethod to look for torrents in BTDB such as Html scraper of BTDB Database. Let’s search a list of BTDB Torrent Magnet links by the query thread. The Bit Torrent procedureoffers no way to guide torrent files.

  • As a result, a relatively small number of websites have a large number of torrential attacks, with many links to copyright works without authorization from copyright holders, providing sites that are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits.
  • Web search engine allows search of torrent files that are hosted and tracked on other sites, examples include Pirate Bay, Torrentz, Isohunt, ExtraTorrents and BTDigg.
  • At any time the user can search for that certain torrent in that torrent collection list and sort the list by categories.

Thus each client creates a list of all torrents shared by peers associated with the current session (or can also maintain the list between sessions if instructed).

BTDB Search Engine

BTDB is known as the most excellent torrent movies search engine in the world. The Torrent Search Engine BTDB and Torrent Magnet Search Movies combine a minimal and sleek user interface with each functional for searching and collecting movies.

By downloading anything from the torrent, your PC and laptop will be protected from viruses. The latest movies are uploaded to the Torrent Search Engine BTDB website, even though this is a new release. The BTDB database is created by DHT users.

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