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Memes have taken over our lives. We find ourselves amidst a riptide of information flowing in-front of our eyes on our little computers, which doesn’t have any conventional script and instead they have illustration of frogs and cats which looks like they have been made by any average 5 th grader. 

The meme wave rose so high in 2018 that it gained political attention, and the European Union Parliament passed a copyright directive in 2018 whose Article 13 puts an indirect censorship on the circulation of memes on online social media platforms. Among the memes enthusiasts this unpopular Article 13 is known as “The Meme Ban”. Which means sharing a Pepega gif would be deemed illegal.

Wait! What? Pepega what? What does pepega mean?

According to the most reliable source on the cosmos of flowing data called internet, The Urban Dictionary. Pepega (pronounced peh-peyguh) is “the politically correct way of saying retarted”. It is an official Twitch emote featuring the distorted illustration of a Frog’s face known as Pepe the Frog. 

It is used in an ironical way in response to something which is regarded as stupid. Commonly it is accompanied by the pejorative slang “retard. In reference to the Forsen, the twitch streamer the term “FOR SAN” is also used along the Pepega illustration. It is mostly used on the streaming platform of Twitch and the credits to its origin are mostly put on Forsen. Its impact could be seen significantly on the growing gaming community.

Where did Pepega meme come from?

Back in april 2018, an online user known by the name “adew” misspelled the spelling of Discord code of a meme, didn’t use its second colon. This was the first known usage of Pepega. Apparently this is where the name Pepega is derived from. However Pepega is not a real name or person. 

The name Pepega got added to the FankerFaceZ Twitch extension. Eventually it got popular by the Twitch Streamer Sabastien “Forsen” Fors, whose streming community initially got upset about him adding this to the Emote Slate of the Channel. This led to a surge of online spaming of this meme in his chat repedetly by the people. Eventually this led to the evolvement of an iteration with a horn emoji along with the words “ FOR SAN” typed after that” this indicates that Pepe the frog was saying the streamers name in a stupid voice.

How has Pepega evolved?

Pepega has gained a huge fan base among the meme community, the creators of the most popular memes, known as the Meme Lords, started showing interest in exploring the potential of the pepega emote. 

Soon they indulged into some creative mashup and with the help of the huge meme consumers who acted as a staunch critique. Soon different adorations of the classic pepe the frog started to emerge. Some were forgotten but some became part of history. Memes like Pepega clap, Pepega megaphone, pepega penguin are some versions of the meme that gained popularity in last two years within the meme community. 

Soon after that the pepe the frog army extended its influence, it invaded other major social media platforms, Including the biggest video sharing platform “Youtube”, and other popular content creating platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, 9gag, 4chan and even the search count in google image search. 123Movies

Popular Influencer like PewDiePie, the most popular youtube content creator, currently standing on 103 million subscribers has mentioned this meme in many of his meme review episode in which he critiqued the meme in a very unbiased and elaborative manner and gave it title of “One of the Classic memes”, so much inspired by the meme that he got himself a pet frog, whose name was Slippy. 

Slippy died in 2017, which was sad but indirectly brought more exposure towards the original meme. Other content creators on different social media like Twitter and Facebook such as Dolan Duck (@dolandark) and Sive (@sivemorton) kept on creating memes on the same concept.

Pepega among the Gaming community

Pepega was never a part of any games or anything related to a game; still it gained huge influence over the gaming community. The reason behind this unexpected popularity is the inclination of the gamers towards the sub (culture) of memes. The use of Pepega here in gaming is same as in any other online platforms. 

It is used as an ironical expression to regard something as stupid, making saying retarded politically correct. The game reviewers have started imitating Pepe the frog’s expression from the Pepega meme illustration. Video editors put Pepe the frog’s face over other characters from either a movie scene or a game any video infact, to make a mockery of the context of the video.  Download Movie

Pepega and the “meme ban”

The news of the European Union parliament approving the controversial online copyright law, commonly known as Article 13, brought unrest among the meme content creating community and the meme enthusiasts (consumers). The controversial “Meme ban law” also came under fire because of relating it to the context of freedom of speech, an artistic freedom. People were upset over the fact of losing the hope to see the evolution of the Pepega means and it’s potential. This law came out the result of the European Union’s parliament’s copyright directive. 

Two Articles, article 11 and Article 13 are considered notorious among these circles of people. The major platform creator with huge influence raised their voices against this law as it supposedly suppresses their artistic freedom of expression and their freedom of speech as they express their view and opinion through their content which is what makes them famous and puts food on their table. 

Despite all the news and controversies and debates about origins the legends of Pepega is still unbanished, it still continues to share the title of one of the Classic memes. In the very short time of two years it has matured a lot, and we hope to see its more adaptations.

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